Volunteer in Guatemala with Atitlan Organics

July 4, 2012 in Volunteering in Guatemala


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Atitlan Organics Guatemala

The Atitlan Organics Apprenticeship Program offers dedicated and highly-motivated individuals the opportunity to spend at least one month working on a small-scale, permaculture-inspired, direct-market farm in a developing country. The farm is located in the small town of Tzununá, on the banks of the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. We seek to attract applicants yearning to make a comfortable and sustainable living on a small piece of land.

Volunteer with Atitlan Organics in Guatemala

Volunteer with Atitlan Organics in Guatemala

We see the value of the Apprenticeship Program as lying in three
distinct areas of work:

Permaculture Design: As we are a permaculture-inspired farmstead, apprentices will learn many of the design principles and philosophies behind permaculture and sustainable farming. Many informal workshops will be taught by Shad Qudsi, who is certified in permaculture design, and has over 13 years farming and gardening experience. Apprentices will be immersed in a functioning permaculture farm in its early-to-mid stages of development, which provides many opportunities for learning and experimenting with various design principals.
Direct-to-Consumer, Profitable Farming: Apprentices will experience what it takes to run a profitable organic farm. The founders of Atitlan Organics feel that traditional permaculture training does not adequately address the economics and profitability related to farming on a small, diversified landscape. We understand the need to earn a comfortable living and we are working to develop a model that others can follow.
Community Development: Shad Qudsi, Co-Founder of Atitlan Organics, was recently hired as the Agricultural Specialist to install community gardens at each of four nutrition centers in the Tzununa valley. Apprentices will be fully integrated into this project, which includes the design and installment of grey water circles, Eco-bathrooms, community nurseries, and other exciting things, all alongside indigenous women, sharing knowledge and insights across cultures.

Living Accommodations

The living accommodations for the apprentices are modest. There are three rooms, each having two single beds or one matrimonial bed.We plan to have at most five apprentices at any given time, plus one apprentice coordinator, all living in the same area.

We provide greens, herbs, seasonal fruits, and other produce off of the farm, as well as farm grown coffee and homemade ginger beer to all apprentices. Aside from farm products, the apprentices are responsible for tdoing their own food shopping and preparing their own meals.

The cost of attendance is $150 per month if you stay for one month. The price is $125 per month if you stay for two months or more, and you pay up front. This money goes directly to paying the rent to a local family who owns the apprentice housing, as well as for the general kitchen and housing supplies we provide. Leftover money is put back into the farm, usually to purchase materials for new and experimental projects.

We feel proud to welcome young and aspiring farmers to our community. We are building a model for a farm that is both for-profit and market oriented, but also one that works with the community to improve the health of the people, the soil, and the local environment. It is our hope that this program can inspire the best and hardest-working, up-n-comers to create their own local and appropriate solutions that will nourish communities around the world.


Volunteer in Guatemala with Constru Casa

June 21, 2012 in Volunteering in Guatemala

Guatemala is among the poorest countries of the Americas with more than half of its population living in poverty. Particularly acute is the problem of inadequate housing: a typical house is made of cornstalk walls, a dirt floor and a scrap material roof. Facilities for basic hygiene like clean water and bathrooms are most often non-existent.

Constru Casa is a non-profit organization offering basic housing to families living in extreme poverty. Constru Casa always works in collaboration with local partner organizations to identify and select families of exceptional need. Beneficiary families participate in the construction of their home and also pay back one fourth of the total cost of their house over four years. Constru Casa collaborates with its partner organizations also in other construction projects and community service programs.


Constru Casa houses are built by local construction workers and their assistants, volunteers and at least one member of the beneficiary family. Construction volunteers and the family member work under the close direction and supervision of the masons. For volunteers, the work consists of digging foundations, carrying materials (including concrete block, sand, and rocks), mixing concrete, and generally helping the masons in their tasks. Our volunteers participate in the intensive work required to build a home in Guatemala, but they also have the opportunity to share in the life-changing experience of a disadvantaged Guatemalan family and help them on their path to self-development.

Work hours are from 7:30am to 4:30pm, including transportation time. Volunteers are responsible for their transportation costs (< 10 Quetzales per day) and food (if not staying with one of our host families).

It takes approximately two weeks to build a complete house, so volunteers are encouraged to work for a minimum of two weeks.
We want to ensure that our volunteers enjoy a safe, enriching, and fun experience in Guatemala. Constru Casa staff will help volunteers arrange accommodation (hotel, hostel or home stay), transportation and a Spanish school. Constru Casa will provide an orientation to the project, the construction work and any other necessary assistance during your stay. If desired, we can also help arrange weekend trips through a local travel agency.

Volunteers can live in a home-stay arranged by ConstruCasa, for 90$ per week including three meals a day except Sundays.

Construction Volunteers are asked to fundraise $350 for the Constru Casa house that they help building before their volunteering experience in Guatemala. We suggest that they organize a fundraising event or find sponsors through family, friends or other resources. We will provide them with all the information and promotional materials necessary to carry out such an event.

Volunteer with El Infinito in Guatemala

June 11, 2012 in Volunteering in Guatemala

El Infinito in Guatemala

El Infinito in Guatemala

Mission – El Infinito is an organization for sustainable culture through education, focusing on preserving the land, food and culture. We aim to protect and preserve the biodiversity and health of our natural environment; the plants, animals and people that rely on it for life. We hope to share knowledge about the earth and food with the people of Guatemala through cultural activities, thus providing opportunities for the community to participate in various sustainable living practices; such as composting, urban gardening, recycling, cooking classes, nutritional information and workshops, energy efficiency, rainwater catchment systems, and various other techniques. We will provide a living example at our headquarters, in Xela, and will use the tenets of permaculture to guide our programs and activities.

Vision – El Infinito sees Guatemala as fertile ground for growth and we see education as the main vehicle to achieve positive environmental and social changes. Our purpose is to provide access to education, and examples of positive social and cultural changes. We aim to do this by bringing people together through culture and providing a physical location for the community to host forums, educational events, and to learn by doing, using culture as a tool to engage, empower and inspire. Food and art are integral parts of culture, and El Infinito hopes to demonstrate sustainability with both, while highlighting the importance of health both for humans and the environment. We will do this by demonstrating local and organic foods, which is also a part of El Infinito´s sustainable economic model. This includes connecting with, supporting and promoting local farmers, selling seeds, trees and local food, and having classes in cooking, gardening, composting, nutrition, and food preserving, to name a few.


Volunteer with ARCAS in Guatemala

June 9, 2012 in Volunteering in Guatemala

Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association (Asociacion Rescate y Conservacion de Vida Silvestres) – ARCAS

ARCAS is a non-profit Guatemalan NGO formed in 1989 by a group of Guatemalan citizens who became concerned as they saw their precious natural heritage – especially their wildlife – rapidly disappearing before their eyes. It was originally created for a very specific and urgent purpose: to build a rescue center to care for and rehabilitate wild animals that were being confiscated on the black market by the Guatemalan government. Since its establishment, the ARCAS Rescue Center has grown into one of the largest and most complex rescue centers in the world, receiving between 300 and 600 animals of more than 40 species per year.

Since the establishment of the Rescue Center, ARCAS has branched out into other very necessary activities including environmental education, protected areas management, marine turtle conservation, sustainable community development, ecotourism and reforestation. At its Pacific coast site of Hawaii, it manages the most productive of the 21 sea turtle hatcheries in Guatemala, rescuing over 40,000 olive ridley and leatherback eggs per year. Also in Hawaii, it is working with the Guatemalan government to establish a 4,000 hectare protected area focused on the local mangrove wetlands. It carries out reforestations of 2 to 40 hectares per year in different sites throughout the country. Its Environmental Education Department reaches out to over 8000 children per year throughout the country.

ARCAS Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala

ARCAS Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala

Volunteer with Proyecto Payaso in Guatemala

June 6, 2012 in Volunteering in Guatemala

Volunteer with Proyecto Payaso in Guatemala

The Association runs projects in sexual health, human rights and social communication through the arts and creative expression, the theater of the oppressed, clowning and street theatre, community murals, and others. The Clowns back up their artistic approach with popular education, research and advocacy.

The Clowns select a small number of volunteers each year to work on specific projects. Some Spanish language is required as well as a minimal time commitment of 6 weeks, depending on the nature of the assignment.

Volunteer with Proyecto Payaso in Guatemala

Volunteer with Proyecto Payaso in Guatemala

Volunteer Guatemala is Open – Woohoo!

June 3, 2012 in Volunteering in Guatemala

Volunteer Guatemala is Open!

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